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Writing Workbook for Spanish 1

In the meantime, please check out our self-study materials.
We've curated some of the best videos from YouTube with questions to allow you to work through them on your own or with your language-learning peers.

Lección 1: El alfabeto

Start with this video from our friends that guides you through the sounds of Spanish and connects them with their spellings in the Spanish alphabet. (Not endorsed by the video creator.)

Consonantes: Preguntas para considerar (questions to consider)

Vocales (Vowels): Preguntas para considerar

Lección 2: Saludos (Greetings)

Now that you've seen and heard the Spanish alphabet, we're going to move on to greetings. There are a lot of different ways to greet people, depending on the time of day, the relationship between the people, and more. Here is a video from our friends with some of the most common. (Not endorsed by the video creator.)

Preguntas para considerar:

Short version: